Aaloo Tikki : $8.00

Chutneys and raita on top of spiced potato patties.

Appetizer Plate : $13.00

Onion bhaaji, and vegetarian samosa on a plate.

Vegetable Pakoras : $8.00

Spiced deep-fried mixed vegetable fritters are known as veggie pakoras.

Samosa : $8.00

Homemade pastry puff with potato and pea filling.

Onion Bhajia : $8.00

Served with chutneys are spiced deep-fried onion fritters.


Korma : $15.50

A traditional mughlai, creamy with a delicate cashew flavor.

Saag : $15.50

A meal with a slow-simmered cream and spinach sauce that truly shouts northern India.

Vindaloo : $15.50

Southwest Indian tamarind and jaggery blend is spicy and complex.

Chili Chicken : $15.50

A delicious combination of fiery and sweet chili tastes is present in this Indo-Chinese fusion dish.

Murg Nariyali : $15.50

A sauce containing mustard, curry, and chili on a coconut base.

Tikka Masala : $15.50

Chicken that has been roasted and cooked in our most famous homemade onion sauce.

Korma Kashmiri : $15.50

In our homemade korma sauce, cashews and pineapple are blended in a delicious way.


Kulchas : $4.00

White bread stuffed.

Roti : $3.00

Whole grain bread.

Naan : $4.00

Sliced bread


Daal Makhni : $14.00

Lentils finished in our buttery tomato sauce after a long simmer.

Aaloo Saag : $14.00

Potato and flavorful spinach blended into a creamy sauce.

Gobhi Manchurian : $14.00

Cauliflower in our delectable, sweet-and-spicy Indo Chinese fusion.

Daal Fry : $14.00

Finished yellow lentils with cumin and garlic.

Aloo Muttar Punjabi : $14.00

Potato and pea meal in the style of North India.

Lamb and Goat

Saag Ghost : $18.50

Cooked in a smooth spinach sauce with lamb or goat.

Kadhai Ghost : $18.50

A typical kadhai sauce with ginger, green chilies, and a variety of other spices.

Swadi Mango : $18.50

Mediumly spiced lamb or goat is served with golden mangoes as the garnish.


Jhinga Amb : $18.50

Shrimp in a delicious sauce with mango flavoring.

Jhinga Pasanda : $18.50

A creamy tomato and cashew sauce with shrimp.

Seafood Vindaloo : $18.50

A spicy and sophisticated south Indian tamarind and jaggery concoction with shrimp and potatoes.

Rice and Biryani

Flavorful and aromatic, these rice dishes come with your choice of meat or vegetable

Murg Chicken Biryani : $13.00

Vegetables Biryani : $11.00

Lamb Goat Biryani : $17.00

Tandoori Specialties

Tandoori Murgi : $18.50

Half bone-in chicken, marinated in yogurt and spices.

Murg Tikka Lucknowi: $18.50

Chicken in a spicy marinade.

East West Pub Poutine

Tikka Poutine : $11.00

Bed of house cut fries, topped with our house chicken tikka masala sauce and green peppers, baked and finished with cheese.

Butter Chicken Poutine : $11.00

Bed of house cut fries, topped with our house butter chicken sauce and mushrooms, baked and finished with cheese.